• Clonex Clone Kit

The Clonex Clone Kit is an all-inclusive cloning kit for both beginners and experienced growers alike. It contains the items necessary to take cuttings and root them successfully. Use the included Clonex Clone Solution, Clonex Mist, and Clonex Rooting Gel to help your cuttings get the necessary nutrients they need for explosive root growth. In addition there is an instruction card to help you with any questions, a clone tray and a shot glass for dipping.

The Clonex Clone Kit ensures that you will have a successful cloning experience each and every time. Success will be fast and easy with this all-inclusive kit.

Contains one each of the following, all packaged into one convenient box:
• Clonex Rooting Compound packet (15 ml)
• Clonex Clone Solution (8 oz.)
• Clonex Mist
• Clonex shot glass
• Cloning tray
• Instructions

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Clonex Clone Kit

  • $35.00